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Environmentalists Strike a Blow Against Timber Interests

August 3, 2010

For Immediate Release — August 24, 2010

Environmentalists Strike a Blow Against Timber Interests

Blowing Rock, NC – –

After a year of Earth First! campaigning to end the proposed timber sale in the Globe Forest, part of the Pisgah National Forest, the Forest Service has announced that they plan to remove the 40 acre old-growth section of the Globe Forest Timber sale, forcing them to change the project to a stewardship sale. This old-growth section comprises the largest stand of timber within the sale and one of the most valuable; and though the entire sale has not been canceled, it is a significant loss for timber interests.

For a number of years, the Forest Service planned to sell the trees within this endangered habitat to timber companies. Old growth is extremely rare in the United States and comprises less than 5% of all of the forests in North Carolina. It has been proven to be an important ecosystem that fosters diverse types of plants and fungus’ in complex, symbiotic interactions which only develop after hundreds of years. An array of threatened species such as migratory songbirds and woodpeckers also rely on these areas to nest and brood their young.

While we believe the Forest Service should end all commercial logging of our national forests, the protection of this area is a success and does set a precedent: old-growth is off limits for timber companies, especially in the Southeastern United States. Earth First! will continue to defend any old-growth forest that is threatened.

Croatan Earth First! has decided to shift our focus to various infrastructural projects in North Carolina, which severely threaten our landbase, and which we have more leverage over; but we will continue to keep our eyes on the Forest Service. If you live nearby, and would like to be involved or have ideas for projects that are important to you, contact or go to our website at

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