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Latest Demonstration in Asheville Draws Participants From Across the State

May 21, 2010

Welcome To The Deforest Service

Activists with Earth First! held a camp-out over the weekend in the Globe Forest of Blowing Rock, North Carolina and a protest outside the Forest Service Supervisor’s office in Asheville on Monday May 10th to protest the cut of the Globe Forest.  Protesters traveled from Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Boone and locals from Asheville also attended.   The plan to cut this area of mature hardwoods and old-growth forest was proposed to create more early successional habitat, but Earth First! wants to remind them that early successional habitat is in decline because of sprawl and development-that are breaking up what once were vast forests- not because of the existence of mature and old growth forests.  These older habitats are vital to birds such as woodpeckers who nest in dead trees, bears who forage for acorns and nuts in the autumn, as well as important breeding sites for migratory songbirds.

We suggest  that the Forest Service instead restore and rehabilitate areas they have mismanaged and clear-cut in the past, and make those tracts of land into early successional habitat, instead of destroying a beautiful and rare area. The Forest Service owns less than 10% of the forests  in North Carolina (the rest is owned privately).  We say the National Forests are public land, it is ours, and we should decide what is done with it.  The state of North Carolina and the Forest Service should be spending more time making those who own the majority of our forests (that would be logging companies) rehabilitate their lands to create more early successional habitat-the lands that they have repeatedly disrespected, clear-cut and replaced with monocropped, tree farms devoid of ecological diversity.

The Globe Forest is scheduled to be sold this summer.  In response, activists are organizing a direct action campaign to prevent the sale and are planning an action camp in July to ramp up their forest defense campaign.  Activists across the country are expected to travel to Blowing Rock and Asheville this summer to take action to protect the forest.  Protesters had a clear message at the last demonstration:  We will not let you sell this land without a fight, and if you do sell it, we promise you and the timber companies will do so at a financial loss.  We will not stand aside as we watch the last of our old growth forests fall.

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